Today’s ? Viral Video Blend (5 Videos)

a awesome blend of viral videos

Trying to keep things fresh for you guys. The majority of the  sites out here are checking us daily for their own inspiration. We notice how they change it up thanks to your emails.  It’s a lot of pressure. Today we are gonna take off…go get drunk and see how we can change the landscape of men’s entertainment. At the end of the day it’s about what you guys want to see.   If you have any ideas you want to shoot our way hit us up –


Now enjoy today’s viral video blend below:


I’ve never seen someone fail so fast and furious…



 * Shout out Welch, you f*&king animal..


For the 8th time, can you please get off the table…


If Jesus was a skateboarder…



She’s so much fun at parties…

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