Top 5 Surprising Facts about Online Dating

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Top 5 Surprising Facts about Online Dating

There are many aspects of online dating which are widespread knowledge. The number of websites dedicated to various forms of matchmaking has exploded in recent years, with new outlets being launched on a regular basis. Dabbling in this form of socializing is now something which has long since lost any ‘taboo’ it might have once had, and is now a popular recreational activity for huge swathes of the adult population. Like any other type of Internet interaction, dating websites like this can be analyzed for statistical feedback. Here are five facts about online dating which might surprise you.


Top 5 Surprising Facts about Online Dating


1. The majority of daters state ‘things in common’ is the key attribute


Those who haven’t tried to get into dating online before will undoubtedly be curious to know what it is about certain people which attracts others to them. In many instances, it will be down to the obvious factors of physical appearance, coupled with the personality traits they outline in their description. But for a lot of online daters – upwards of two-thirds according to various surveys – the most important attribute is finding common ground. After all, beauty is only skin deep, and a fantastic-looking profile photo might mask the fact someone has the personality of a filing cabinet. Discovering hobbies or passions you can share with another single is a crucial consideration.


2. A high percentage of first dates lead to intimacy


According to Dating Industry Statistics last year, the actual figure of respondents who admitted to having sex with a partner they met online on their inaugural get-together was as high as 33%. While this might seem quite a high level of promiscuity, dating websites cater to a diverse range of client aspirations. Some sites are about fostering relationships, sometimes even friendships. Others are much more direct and are all about matching individuals looking for lust rather than love. So taken as a slice of the market, while there are a lot of no-strings-attached dating sites, they’re in the minority when you consider dating sites as a whole.


3. Not everyone tells the truth in their profiles


It’s hardly surprising, but around 50% of online daters lie when composing their profile. This doesn’t equate to dating sites being dens of iniquity where everyone you are liable to meet is untrustworthy. In most instance, this is more a case of embellishing facts or being economical with the truth. For instance, around one-fifth of female survey respondents admitted to choosing a profile photo of their younger self. Is this really lying, or simply a revelation of a human flaw: self-doubt? About 40% of males surveyed said they’d exaggerated aspects of their employment. Again, not really that big a deal. These are the types of white lie which the parties can laugh about when they get to know each other better.


4. Most dating websites are based in the USA


Although the numbers are increasing all the time, of the current worldwide total of 7,500 dating websites, about one-third are based in the USA. Given that the overall adult population of America – the world’s third most populous nation – is 329 million, it’s hardly surprising so many of them have taken to searching for love online.


5. Around half of breakups are ended by a text message


This statistic is another no-brainer. If relationships are forged in an online environment, with strangers getting to know each other via a series of electronic messages, it will be much more intuitive to follow suit and communicate any desire to end things with the same shorthand. It doesn’t make it any less harsh to be on the receiving end!