Tough Day On The Job. Reporter Licked And Mooned While On Camera (Video)

Reporting in the wilderness is hard work because anything is possible.

This is the shocking moment an Australian TV reporter is licked and then mooned during a live broadcast of the Melbourne Cup.

Poor reporter Lee Steele was speaking to the camera from Ascot racecourse in Perth when the rowdy crowd behind her struck.

All social distancing guidelines went out the window as fans behind the pair cheered.

But the worst was yet to come.

As Steele continued her address on Channel 10, a man jumped behind her and dropped his trousers, exposing his butt. Steele was totally oblivious, but the camera operator quickly tried to zoom in to hide what was going on.

They were not quick enough, however, and the man’s bare bottom was shown to all watching from home.

With Steele none the wiser to what had happened, reporters in the studio let her know what she had missed. Predictably, she looked totally shocked at what had gone on.