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Tourist Turns Off Man’s Motorcycle Over The Noise. Punched In The Face As A Result.



This tourist had the audacity to reach across a biker and turn off the engine on the man’s motorcycle.  According to the tourist, the bike was too loud so he thought turning it off was a wise choice. He had this to say:


“I was eating my food and was irritated by the motorcycle. It was noisy and nobody was attending to it.  I walked over and turned off the engine and sat back down. Then from behind somebody came and hit me on the head. I was bleeding a lot but was given help by people in the street. I don’t think I did anything wrong, just turned off the motorbike because it was loud.

This dude is out of his mind. Did the thought never occur to him to politely ask the man if he could turn it off?  Did he really think this was the best way to handle the situation?  I’m surprised he turned his back on the man after such a bold albeit stupid move.



The scooter rider was later arrested by police and admitted punching the tourist in the head. He was taken back to the scene of the attack and re-enacted it with Andreas sitting on a bench.

Lt. Col. Piyapong Ennawat said: ‘’Mr Saeung has confessed that he was angry his motorcycle was turned off. He returned to the street and demonstrated what happened. Mr Lechner also watched. The offender has admitted the attack and will be dealt with quickly according to the law.”