Two Crooks Dressed As Construction Workers Attempt Smash And Dash…Until Owner Pulls Out His Gun. ?

Lowlifes will do anything except get a job. Watch what happens as two crooks come in to a watch store dressed up as construction workers. The owner had this to say about the shocking situation:

“I was working at my watch store in Walnut Creek. As I was helping a customer, two gentlemen in construction outfits came in. One asked me to fill out a form and the other stood in the background. I was then maced and the other perpetrator smashed my showcase with a bat he had in his pants. As I stumbled back from being maced, I grabbed the phone and dialed 911 while also pulling my firearm as I saw the other robber headed back into the store to help the one still in the store trying to grab watches. The suspects fled as I pulled my gun and chased them out of the store. No shots where fired.”