Two Guys Eating Fish (fermented skate) That Smells Like “A Public Restroom”

I’m gonna hard pass and leave this one to the more adventurous out there.

The smell and taste of Hongeo is closely tied to one of the things that makes the skate fish special, specifically the way it urinates. You see, the skate doesn’t pee like other animals, it releases urine through its skin, and that’s exactly the stuff hongeo chefs marinate the meat in for about a month in order to obtain the stomach-churning delicacy.

“I can’t understand who in the world would pay to eat a rotten fish in a restaurant that smells like an uncleaned public restroom,” one South Korean man told the New York Times.

“I’ve eaten dog, durian and bugs, but this is still the most challenging food I’ve ever eaten,” food blogger Joe McPherson said. “It’s like licking a urinal.”