UFC Star Nick Diaz Arrested On Domestic Battery Charges


nick diaz arrested on domestic battery


UFC star Nick Diaz was arrested in Las Vegas on Thursday. The 34 year-old is being charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation, as well as misdemeanor domestic battery. His girlfriend is the one who called the police but Diaz’s friends are saying this isn’t the first time. The girlfriend claims that Diaz was high on cocaine at the time of the physical altercation meanwhile Diaz’s friends have taken to social media to claim that she is lying and regrets calling the police.


Like I said, I don’t just make claims to support my friends. I am not going to put up a detailed response on an open charge and investigation without truly knowing the situation and what happened. And I’m not going to guess on anything in that post. I don’t support beating or harming women at all and wouldn’t support my friends doing it – but that did not happen… There is no reality where it would and I know that because I know the man. Don’t just jump to conclusions.. Someone close and who’s with the accuser has also since told me she’s since really regretting having made this up and wants to come clean feeing bad but is now committed and will seem insane if she does back out. Regardless the State is going to continue to charge him on her behalf anyways so even is she did it wouldn’t work.. She told the dude she had no idea it would be this big a deal or that it would cause this much trouble or news.. IDIOT!! I’ve received a ton of similar messages. Many know. You can’t hide crazy, especially not this kind.. The truth will come out.. there’s too much evidence and history out there.. On top of all that she is now spamming my phone from false numbers like she’s done in the past because I’ve spoken out against her. Not much scares me, this chick always has. If I’m arrested for beating up a chick too know that I didn’t do it 🙆🏻‍♂️ And she doesn’t have a broken hip people. That Front Row Brian idiot reporting shit doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. It’s a shame because of how gnarly of an attack on Nick this was, and regardless of if he’s completely cleared there will still be some who still think he did it. #thisissowrong

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Diaz is in custody being held on $18,000 bail, however he won’t be able to post bail until after the weekend.

Diaz is still under contract with the UFC although he hasn’t fought since 2015. In his last fight, Diaz lost to Anderson Silva however the match was called a no contest after both fighters tested positive for elicit substances. The UFC released this statement on the arrest of Diaz, “The organization does not tolerate domestic violence and requires all athletes to adhere to the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. Every athlete is deserving of due process, and this situation, as with any official allegations, will be duly reviewed and thoroughly investigated by an independent party.”


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