UFC Will Strip Conor McGregor Of His Title If He Doesn’t Return To The Octagon Before Sept.



When you’ve made as much money as Conor McGregor did in his last fight against Floyd Mayweather,  you wouldn’t be in a rush to get back into the octagon either.



Conor McGregor does not intend to return to UFC until September. UFC president Dana White says if that is correct then he will strip McGregor of the Irishman’s lightweight world championship belt. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will fight for the title in McGregor’s absence — but McGregor would get “first crack” at his old belt “if and when” he does return to the sport. McGregor would be stripped of his lightweight title, “the belt would move on,” and two other fighters would contend for the championship in the Irish striker’s absence, according to UFC president Dana White.