Ultimate Close Call: Skydiver’s Life Saved By An Umbrella!

Check out this crap your pants moment:

Consider yourself lucky when your life is literally saved by landing on an umbrella and a car, which is exactly what happened to Rafael Schwaiger while swooping his Petra 69 canopy (2.8 wingload).

His Cypres AAD was set to the wrong mode (“Expert” mode instead of “Speed” mode), which caused an unexpected AAD fire on his high speed landing and automatically deployed his reserve parachute mid-swoop. He was lucky enough to land on an umbrella covering the cars in the parking lot, which literally saved his life.

Raf humbly admits that this incident was caused by human error due to incorrect settings on the AAD, which serves as an important reminder to check your gear and AAD settings, especially when flying high-performance canopies.