Unfortunate Mistake Leads To Knock Out


A father in San Francisco mistook a normal car for a taxi. This simple mistake led to a devastating punch. Unfortunately this misplaced rage is all too common in the US.

San Francisco police are asking the public for help finding a mysterious driver who brutally assaulted father-of-two, Christopher Matthews (inset with his wife), when he mistook the man’s car for a Lyft. Christopher, 39, was left with significant head trauma, hemorrhaging and multiple skull fractures. The father-of-two was with his wife Rebecca (both pictured, right), 38, when they called for a Lyft around 11.30pm on September 8. They were waiting for the ride when Christopher approached a white car, thinking it was the ride. But it wasn’t. Surveillance video, released by San Francisco police, shows the moment Christopher leaned in for a few seconds before a passenger got out. The driver then punched Christopher hard, causing him to fall straight back (Christopher, left on the ground) and slam his head against the concrete. The suspect then got back in the car, which has silver rims and a black roof, and sped off. Along with the surveillance video, authorities released a forensic sketch (inset) of the suspect.

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