Watch O.J. Simpson’s ‘Confession’ To Murdering Nicole Brown


O.J. Simpson is a real class act ಠ_ಠ. This numbnuts was interviewed by book publisher Judith Regan in a never-before-seen video for an upcoming FOX special, ‘If I Did It’.

In the clip below you hear him spill some self incriminating details. This guy is truly an idot.  Via TMZ:


OJ says “Charlie” told him he wouldn’t believe what was going on at Nicole’s house. Simpson doesn’t say what he was told was going down, but added, “It’s gotta stop” … and that was the impetus for the drive over to Nicole’s.

As we reported, Simpson says in the show “Charlie” was the accomplice and went with the killer in the Bronco over to Nicole’s Brentwood condo. He says the killer saw candles in Nicole’s window, looking like a man was coming over and suddenly Ron Goldman appeared. Simpson says the killer started screaming, Nicole came to the front door, the killer blacked out and when he came to he was covered in blood.

The special airs Sunday at 8 PM on FOX.



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