Watch: Popular Streamer, Ice Poseidon, Is Kicked Out Of Restaurant After Prank Phone Call!

Ice Poseidon, also known as Paul Denino, is a popular YouTuber and livestreamer. He got more than he bargained for the other day when he visited New Orleans ‘Chicken & Watermelon’ (not making this name up) restaurant. He went in expecting to live stream some tasty fried goodness. But he was met with threats of violence and left with an expensive broken camera.

even though the camera went dark (actually blue), Ice gave updates on what happened next.  Apparently this all started over a prank phone call from one of his viewers:

Unfortunately for Ice, the owner of the restaurant was rapper UTP Skip. He took the threat seriously and this is what happened according to Ice’s updates:

Twitter Update #1: They had guns and a gang of people show up when it turned off Dude said he had murder charges so we booked it and luckily didnt get shot

Update #2: Fuck you (@followers) they have guns And I’m pretty sure they’re probably out to get me now because of people probably still ducking with them. I’m out

Update #3:
How you know they got guns? They showed me the guns u fucking baffoon
Call the police!? Dude my address and full name is out on the internet the police can’t protect me forever
Hounted house stream? No my shit is broken!

Update #4: Informed police, I’m trying to get out of New Orleans asap.


As a result the restaurant is getting trashed on Yelp. When the online world and real world clash things can get sketchy AF!