Watch This Video Of A Drunk Man’s Racial Outburst On L Train. Passengers Respond In Kind.

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If you are going to stir the pot on race, picking the L train is probably not the smartest venue.  This dude was pushed out of the train and lost his stuff after going on a rant and calling people n*****s. I don’t care how drunk he was, he had to know this wasn’t going to end well.

via NY post:

A ​racially ​diverse group of riders on the car tried to get him to calm down and quit yelling, but he repeatedly refused. As the train pulled into Bedford Avenue, some of the riders stood between the man and his shopping bag, which he had left on a seat.

He told them they couldn’t take his property, but they continued to hold him back.

“F–k your bag, dude,” one guy told him.

The crowd then shoved him out the door onto the platform. A man kicked him several times and the woman who spat on him threw soup at him, which landed all over his arm.