Wayback Wed Celebrity Clip: Richard Pryor Interviewed While High On Mormon TV


Richard Pryor is one of the funniest men to ever pick up a microphone. Like other comedic geniuses he had his struggles with addiction. In the clip above Pryor was coked up and interviewed on a Mormon high school public access cable television show.


In 1980, while filming “Stir Crazy” on location in Arizona, Richard Pryor agreed to sit for an interview with a Mormon high school public access cable television show. The interview took place at 7am, before shooting began for the day. After completing the entire one hour long interview, it was discovered that one of the high school student crew members messed up the audio portion of the recording, leaving the complete program in total silence.

After lots of begging, Pryor agreed to re-do the interview provided it took place after his lunch break, which came about 3pm. By the time Richard was eventually available to again sit for the interview, he was pretty wasted from his usual boozing and coking it up on the set. Needless to say, his demeanor was quite different from his G-rated portrayal given while still sober, earlier that morning.

What you are about to see was deemed completely inappropriate for children and young adult viewing purposes, and was banned from being aired on the Mormon high school’s station … until now.

This is the first and only time it will be made available for public viewing.