The Weirdest Instagram Account Known To Mankind – @Breadfaceblog

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The Rise Of @breadfaceblog

If you’re struggling to get your Instagram numbers up, we are here to give you some well-worn advice. If you’re a hot chick then you can always thot your way to success. You know, just pose half nude in every picture. If that’s not your thing then you can go the unconventional (serious understatement) route.

Meet @Breadfaceblog, an Instagram account run by a young Asian lady that’s dedicated to …wait for it…smashing your face into bread. I’m pretty sure you probably figured it out by the name of the account. Our question is, why tf are 146k people following a chick who rolls her face in dough? Please enlighten us.

This has to be the weirdest sh*t I have ever watched and I’ve seen some weird things. See more of her “work” on the next page.