Weekend Link Dump!

Enjoy the weekend’s trending videos and links below:


Giant Moose Scares Dog Walker

Do you have what it takes to become A Rockette In Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular?

ATM will tell you if you’re naughty or nice!

Now for some links:

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Single course of antibiotics can mess up the gut microbiome for a year – ARS Technica

Cardi B hits the stripper pole for new video – Money and Hip Hop

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The Women Who Fart — And the Men Who Watch. The Psychology Of Fart Fetishes – Mel Magazine

Weekend Funny Photo Compilation – Thrill Blender

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Resigns, Rebuking Trump’s Worldview – NY Times

The Story Of Dyngo, A War Dog Brought Home From Combat – Smithsonian

Measles cases at highest for 20 years in Europe, as anti-vaccine movement grows – The Guardian

Best Cars, SUVs, and Trucks We Drove in 2018 – Motortrend

This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week – Medium

Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think – Wait But Why

The 30 Best Documentaries Of 2018 – Thrillist

Life Is Better When We Focus on What We Appreciate, Not What’s Lacking – Tiny Buddha

Dead Man Rising: The Making Of The Undertaker – The Ringer

The 7 Beliefs of Emotionally Healthy People – Daily Curiousity

The road to Alzheimer’s disease is lined with processed foods – Quartz

A Two-week Plan for the Best Sleep of Your Life – Mens Journal

The Devastating Loophole That Sticks Car Buyers With Interest Rates That Would Be Otherwise Illegal – Jalopnik