I know you have better sh*t to do with your time. But you stopped by Thrill Blender. I’m humbled so here is a toast to you:

Here’s to you and here’s to me, And here’s to all the girls that lick us where we pee!


funny-26My Man Super Perm Approvesfunny-32 Dude that’s not her.funny-31 Yelling at it doesn’t work. I’ve tried.funny-35 funny-36 Got yafunny-37rvq9j Blondes ?funny-29The best pair on the market..almost too good.
funny-27 Good Morningfunny-28 funny-25 Got himfunny-24 funny-23 funny-22 They are also expensive and stupid AFfunny-6 Cheersfunny-13 funny-14 funny-5 Cute funny-15 This game lolfunny-16 funny-7 My spirit animalfunny-8 funny-18 funny-17 funny-9 funny-19 Sometime you just gotta man up and forgo the hospitalfunny-20 Who needs yelpfunny-11 Wrap it up this weekendfunny-12 funny-21 Factfunny-10 What did this tree do to deserve being locked up?funny-4 These guysfunny-3 Shadefunny-2 Yes please1 2 3 4 5 6 7 My daily motivationfunny-1Carpe Diem Fellas