Coca Cola + propane = Mega ROCKET

Who said science can’t be fun..or dangerous? These crazy Russian lads had some free time on their hands, so they decided to film the reaction mixing Coca Cola and propane together gives us. For anyone wanting to attempt this BE WARNED: Not every bottle is made perfectly symmetrical this may result in uneven force distribution of gas upon bottle walls. This may result in ripping some parts of bottle in split second as seen on the video when guy shows the bottle after. That in turn can have devastating effect on your skin resulting in deep nasty cuts. Be very cautious and don’t hold the bottle by neck.

The Science explained by Youtube user Qtong :

First of all this is NOT a chemical reaction yet simple physics. The tiny and large “spray” can seen in the video are compressed propane/butane. These compounds exist in form of gas in room temperature due to their very low boiling point (result from small size of molecules and lack of interaction between them). Those cans hold their liquid form thanks to high pressure compression. Upon releasing the nozzle, contents of the can come out in order to equalize the pressure. As the liquid hits the room temperature it instantly turns into gas, which in this moment is VERY cold. (This is the basic science behind any gas cans btw). Now for the interesting part. The gas released from can inside coke bottle cools down the closest surrounding (bottle neck). It then allows the propane/butane to become liquid again inside the bottle or even not turning into gas at all. This very cold liquid propane/butane floats above coke due to lower density. Upon turning the bottle upside down the room temperature coke mixes with the added liquid. This contact rapidly heats up the propane/butance and due to that it changes its form from luqid to gas in split second. This causes large gas expasion and in turn provides thrust as gas can be released only one way, meaning the way it has gotten in – bottle neck. Why coke ? The carbon dioxide inside it may help a little bit for the gas expansion but other than that I am fairly sure it does not matter if its coke or even non gas tap water. Why the coke does not freeze? The liquid is held on a gas cushion on the border of coke and propane/butane.
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