What If Having an Orgasm Also Meant Having Unusual, Even Painful Side Effects?


strange orgasm side effects



I think we can all agree that orgasms are great! But what if having one was followed by pain? The  Sexual Medicine Reviews,  published a study by two physicians on “peri-orgasmic phenomena,” that is, strange physical and psychological symptoms that stem from orgasm. Here’s the top unusual symptoms that they found.


Orgasm-Induced Sneezing

A handful of cases reported that people start sneezing every time they reach orgasm. The doctors only explanation was a miscommunication in the autonomic nervous system which controls involuntary things like sneezing and orgasms.



Probably the most sever side effect is orgasmolepsy, where someone has an epileptic seizure following orgasm. Doctors think it is caused by lesions in the areas of the brain linked to sexual behavior and, fortunately, it seems to be treatable with antiepileptic medications.


Post-Orgasm Headaches

Most cases the doctors found were sever exploding headaches just before or during orgasm and lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. In one case a man who’d had headaches for 20 years noted a damaged artery in the brain. The doctors don’t know the cause of the post orgasm headache but say it can be solved by migraine or blood pressure medicine.


strange side effects of orgasm


Orgasmic Weakness

Yeah we all get a little tired after putting in work but to have a complete loss of muscular control for about 30 seconds or so wold be a little scary. Studies of this symptom have found that it is linked to narcolepsy and can be treated with prescriptions.


Post-Coital Dysphoria

If your girl starts crying after you pleasure her she may be crazy or she may be experiencing post-coital dysphoria. Intense negative feelings, including depression, anxiety and/or tearfulness were found in 32.9 % of women in one study and can last for about an hour. The cause is speculated to be based on hormonal and psychological factors.


Check with your doctor if any of this sounds familiar. Otherwise, happy humping!