Who Really Kick Started The Big Butt Model Phenomenon?

Coco Austin Big Booty


Before there was Kim Kardashian there was Jennifer Lopez, but model and Ice T companion Coco Austin says she’s the one who got everyone to like big booties. The model, now 38 years-old, says when she was 18 starting out in the business no one liked to look at a big butt. She took to social media to claim to be the originator of  “the derriere phenomenon” – check it out below.



I would like to shed light to almost 21 years of modeling ..I don’t post much about it & new followers don’t even know I had a career in modeling they just see a wife,mother and someone that was on reality tv but just like every actor, singer, rapper, entertainer I’m proud of what I’ve done. I feel people should know it wasn’t easy..I helped pave the way for thick girls during the skinny genre (during the Kate Moss days what they call the waif era) to be noticed as beautiful..this was back before social media when magazines were popping, back before KimK, Nicki Minaj..( I mention them because young people see pop culture as the history makers but they need to know it started somewhere before them, this was also back before the plastic surgery craze. During my time it was pretty much Jlo that was making waves with the derriere phenomenon and Cindy Margolos was a popular bikini model and Buffie the Body was a popluar urban model and of course I need to give props to Anna Nicole Smith for also seeing this vision..To have booty it was considered to be fat in the modeling world.. But I helped changed the minds of what booty was. Today its a normal thing to see all different shapes and sizes, no one even thinks about it anymore. I helped history..I don’t want to toss it aside like it was nothing…I’d like to think some of my modeling was meaningful… After tons of calendars,DVD’s over 100 magazine covers and editorials I’m still standing..Thank you for all years of support .Power to the booty and strong healthy women! (This pic is from one of my motorcylce calendars) Update to post!!! This was posted yesterday & ALL comments were positive until race was brought up today.Let me remind you 20 years ago there were not a lot of white girls w/ thick bodies in the modeling game.They didn’t consider my body type as the standard therefore It was harder to work in the industry.I was one of the 1st white models to break the mold & go mainstream with my body type and to let people know its OK to be curvy in the modeling world.Today curvy is the norm but when I first started out it wasn’t. Yesterday I felt I explained this thoroughly but I see some of you needed more details

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Model and Flavor of Love star Deelishis says she loves Coco but she has to check her self. Deelishis points out all the black models with big booties that came before Coco like Melyssa Ford and Esther Baxter.



We’d really like to get to the bottom of this (see what we did there) so expect more research.


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