Why We Love Tumblr..

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If you are not on tumblr you need to sign up. Tumblr is kind of like being trapped inside of an insane asylum. There are endless streams of thought being released without a filter. It’s fun, scary, and weird all rolled up into one. We decided that we needed to be there because it scares us and things that scare us are kind of awesome. At times it also makes us laugh until we cry. Check out this random miedieval art discussion that had us in tears:


i love medieval art it’s like


funny_tumblr_pictures (1)

first there’s a bull just shittin on this guy

funny_tumblr_pictures (2)

gremlin dude shooting arrows into a mermaids ass ok

funny_tumblr_pictures (3)

someone fuckin boneless dancing to this hot violin song what

funny_tumblr_pictures (4)

my favorite one a bunch of amputees beating the shit outta each other with crutches

idk why they call it the dark ages when they’re obviously so fun

funny_tumblr_pictures (5) funny_tumblr_pictures (6)


My personal favorite is the nun harvesting dicks


It’s complete random madness but join us so that we can share this guilty pleasure together.

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