Woman known as ‘Half-Ton Killer’ shares intense weight loss journey


Mayra Rosales -half-ton-woman-sheds-800-pounds (4)

We know the above picture doesn’t look pretty but it was Mayra Rosales reality, one she would like to forget. The Texas woman once dubbed the “Half-Ton Killer,” was once accused of killing her nephew by rolling on him with her 1,000-pound frame. But after clearing her name, she has a new lease on life, a unbelievably smaller body, and is motivating others with her weight loss story. Her story and struggle is one that you have to hear.

“I was dying.” she said. “I don’t know if you had seen pictures before you could see it in my face. I had given up in life. I was alive but not living a life.”

Mayra underwent a lap band procedure and skin removal, she also made changes to her diet and the way she thought about food. See the results in the video and then scroll below for some before and after pictures.



Mayra Rosales -half-ton-woman-sheds-800-pounds (2) Mayra Rosales -half-ton-woman-sheds-800-pounds (3) Mayra Rosales -half-ton-woman-sheds-800-pounds (5) Mayra Rosales -half-ton-woman-sheds-800-pounds (6)


Mayra Rosales -half-ton-woman-sheds-800-pounds (7) Mayra Rosales -half-ton-woman-sheds-800-pounds (1)


Congrats Mayra Rosales! Keep living a healthy lifestyle and moving forward positively.

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