Woman Quits Job And Spends $50,000 On Tattoos To Become A Human Etch A Sketch


A CORPORATE worker has quit her job and spent $50,000 to transform her body into a tattooed model. Cigno is a tattoo apprentice and model living in San Francisco. However, her life used to be radically different. The change began when she lost 50 pounds in weight. She quit her job in Germany and moved to America to pursue her dreams. From there, she started getting tattoos and extreme modifications to her body to feel like her “true self”. Cigno explained: “I used to be a corporate drone. Now I’m taking my life in my own hands to be the cyborg who’s making art on people.” 60% of her body is currently tattooed, however, she wants to be covered head-to-toe. She described her look like an “androgynous alien”, with her other changes including a boob job and silicone implants in her forehead to resemble horns.