Women Who Get Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Are Being Taught How To Sit ?


Dogs are not the only ones who have to be taught how to sit. A Toronto cosmetic clinic posted a video online that teaches women how to sit after Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. I’m sorry but we find the whole thing unintentionally hilarious. Read the description and then watch the video.

After Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, It is best to only sit for up to 20 minute increments.
Then get up and walk for a bit or reposition yourself if you need to keep sitting.
If you have to sit in a chair, try to choose one with no arms so you can sit in reverse.
This will allow for the majority of the pressure to be on the front of your thighs.
When sitting in a chair with arms, place a pillow underneath the thighs, so most of your weight is not on the buttocks.