World War 3 Avoided As Bare Knuckle Brawlers In The UK Almost Come To Blows!

Veteran fighter Melvin Guillard was involved in a very sketchy situation over the weekend. The former UFC fighter made a bold jump into the world of bareknuckle boxing. He had an impressive debut, knocking his opponent Dan Breeze out with a violent volley of punches.


But the action didn’t stop there. On Sunday morning, UFC and WEC veteran Shonie Carter posted a video of Guillard getting into it with another bareknuckle boxer, Jimmy Sweeney, in a restaurant. In this video, Guillard can be seen holding a knife behind his back.

and their love affair didn’t stop there..

Luckily no one was harmed during either of their tense standoffs. Apparently, the two parties were able to squash their beef after this incident. Can’t we all just get along?