Would You Let A 12-Year-Old Tattoo You? If It’s Ezrah The Shark Dorman, You May Just Consider It! ??

Meet Ezrah The Shark Dorman, a 12-year-old who decided to pick up a tattoo gun instead of a¬†game controller. ¬†Ezrah became interested in learning how to tattoo after watching his mother getting inked. Artist Ali Garcia decided to give the kid a shot and make him his apprentice. ¬†So far the young’n has done¬†¬†20 designs on people ¬†willing to give him a chance to shine. At 12 I could barely color inside the lines so I gotta give the kid props. Check him out…



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Ezrah The Shark Dormon

? 12 / Panama ?? / Traditional tattoos / Apprentice / @vanspty / If you want a tattoo please contact @margaritamarzo