Would You Spend $650 For A “Thought Box” a/k/a Box You Put Over Your Head To Think In 😂

Thought Box picture. A useless funny product

Who TF is the target market for this???  A online store is selling a $650 cardboard and fabric box that you put over your head. This way you can enjoy some personal space anywhere you go.  I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s true.  The “Thought Box” is exactly what you would think of – a simple box. Get this, it also comes with a “thought stool” because standing with a box over your head looks ridiculous but sitting changes the game.

Thought Box picture. A useless funny product


This amazing creation is being sold via The Form Emporium online store to any suckers customers willing to part with their hard earned money.  In an attempt to make this box sound like it’s worth the price tag they claim it “promotes mental efficiency”.  If you buy this I also have a “thought toilet” that my cat is not using and I’m willing to sell it for a discount.


Judging by some social media posts, it doesn’t seem like people are this stupid (you never truly know). One commentator had the following to say about this product…

“Will give you chance to reflect on how dim you are to waste that kinda money. Hilarious.


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