Youtube Video Thought To Contain Kidnapping Victim Of Six Years Debunked By Cops!

Kidnapping Youtube Video Debunkedhi-walter-i-got-a-new-gf-today-video-debunked

Youtube sleuths all over the world were salivating when they discovered a video titled: “Hi Walter, I got a new girlfriend today” (below). The video clip depicts a weirdo talking into the camera about his new GF. At the end of the clip he shows the girl bound and gagged in a small room.

The video re-discovered on YouTube this month caused a huge stir in the Antigo, Wisconsin Police Department as people link it to missing teen Kayla Berg, who disappeared in August 2011. It was suspected that the individual in the video made the video to communicate with Walter E. Ellis (June 24, 1960 – December 1, 2013), also known as the Milwaukee North Side Strangler. Ellis was an American serial killer who raped and strangled seven women in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin between 1986 and 2007.

This morning the Antigo Police Department updated its Facebook page to dispell all the rumors:

[We] have been investigating the Hi Walter, its Patrick, I have a new girlfriend video that was on

The Antigo Police with the help of another law enforcement agency has been able to identify that this video is 100% fake and was a video that was produced to be placed on

It sure had a ton of people fooled, including the family of the missing girl. Kayla’s brother, James Berg, had this to say about the video:

‘To be honest, I almost had a panic attack at work, shut down my machines and had to go sit outside,’ he wrote. ‘I don’t know if my minds playing trucks [sic] or not, but the videos release date…the looks…the sound of scared screams/yelling…if your wanting my opinion let’s just say this…we’ve contacted the FBI.’